Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls

Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls

Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls are hotter than ever! If you follow Twitch TV than you know how hot these girly gamers can be when live streaming from the comfort of their home. These sexy live streamer girls are heating up the air waves, computers and mobile devices all over the globe. See the Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls in all their glory below. We scoured the internet searching for the sexiest of the sexy cosplay girls alive today. Take a look at our Top 5 below. If you feel that we left out a sexy live streamer than comment below and let us know who you think should make our next list! We hope you enjoy our Real Girls Live Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls article.

Looks like Spider Man and Cat Women are about to Get It On huh? Lol

Tara Babcock

First on our list is Tara Babcock, YouTube Star and sexy TwitchTV live streamer. As a professional model, Vlogger, YouTube gamer and TwitchTV personality Tara certainly has her hands full! Just look at the pic below to see what we mean. 😂

Tara Babcock grew up gaming and was a cheerleader. She even went to modeling school (hence her sexy pics below). Her main channel has well over 150,000 subscribers! Growing up in Seattle, Washington Tara was an only child. Her parents Bob and Mary never married but raised Tara together. This sexy gamer is even featured on TobyGames front page. This 27 year old Scorpio is a sexy freak, take a look at her steamy content below. Wow.

Soo it’s 2017 and this is what “geeky” girls look like these days?? 

#Welp 😍

We Don’t know Mario personally but I assume he DEFINITELY Approves of Tara’s Cosplay.

Tara Babcock and her Vegas Stripper Cosplay is ON POINT! 😂

 Next Up to Bat is the Sexy Vixen known as Dizzy Kitten. 😻

No not that one! This one below.. Lol 


DizzyKitten is a brunette bombshell with piercing blue eyes and a sexy-fun demeanor. This “Girl Next Door” is a world famous gamer and has the outfits and subscribers to prove it. Have you seen her fun and sexy Twitch TV live streams? They are entertaining to say the least. We love her naughty outfits and fun personality. We look forward to posting some leaked DizzyKitten nudes in the near future! Stay tuned..

Can you Guess DizzyKitten’s Cosplay Character Below? 

Mmm the wigs these sexy gamers wear to Cosplay is unbelievably sexy! 💁

Cat Women Reporting Live from Sexy Ville. 😍

And that is why everyone loves DizzyKitten. Just look at her in her natural state.

Sexy AF! 😻

Nerdy, Sexy and Sweet.. What More Could You Want in a GF?

Now back to the Blonde Baddie known as Jessica Nigri (below). This hot tottie is always in the Top 10 of any Twitch TV Cosplay Hottest List. 💁

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri the World Famous American Model and TV personality is best known for her cosplay and fan promotional work. She has appeared as a spokesmodel for numerous video games such as: Assassin’s Creed 3, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead and more. She also has voiced Cinder Fall in RWBY back in 2013. Born in Reno, Nevada but grew up in New Zealand, this sexy Leo has managed to build an enormous fan base all over the globe!

Good God, Just Look at Jessica’s Cat Women Cosplay Below 😻 🔥

Can Anyone Guess What Her Sexy Cosplay Below is Of??

And We Are Just Going to Assume She’s Cosplaying “Wifey Material” Below.. Jesus 😍

RGL Free Pick Up Line of the Day:

“How Can You Look So Down to Earth When You Are Clearly From Heaven Girl?”

Aww It Worked, Jessica Approves! 😇😈

Ohh and You Didn’t Think Jessica Nigri Had a Naughty Side? Think Again.. 💦


Technoranma is a goddess among the princesses of cosplay. Although this sexy cosplayer is still building up her social media following we have high hopes for this live streamer. Going by the handle QuantumDestiny on Instagram, Technoranma looks absolutely spectacular in her cosplay costume below!

Just Look At That Body Tho 🍼🍼 😍

Cosplay Contest You in 1st Place! 🏆

The Answer is YES.. 1,000 Times Yes Girl 

Soo F*cking Sexy. #KeepTheHeelsOn 😈

Keep a close eye out for TechnoRanma. This brunette bombshell with a perfect set of tits is surely going places!

Last but certainly not least on our list of Top 5 Hottest Twitch TV Cosplay Girls is:


ZombiUnicorn is a well known Twitch TV Personality, Gamer, YouTube Partner, and Voice Actress. Garnering a little over 121,000 Instagram Followers ZombiUnicorn still has plenty of room for growth. Just don’t tell that to her boobs because they are plump and juicy! This multi hair colored live streamer is a live wire and entertaining gamer to watch. Generally streaming live on West Coast time, we highly encourage you to check out ZombiUnicorn Live!

Check Out This Epic ZombiUnicorn Meme Below. Thanks Internet! 👍

Aww Shit, Looks Like She Forgot to Feed Her Unicorn Pizza (below)!

Hey That’s Not Very Nice Babe 😝

ZombiUnicorn is Globally Known for Her Crazy Colorful Hair.

That Must Take Hours. #JustSayin 💁

And In the Pic Below This is EXACTLY What Girls Look Like When They Are Pretending to Read for a Photo Shoot. 📚

We Would Know.. We Read That Book, It’s Not That Funny 📖

That Incredibly Edible Ass from Zelda Below Tho! 😍

 Bonus Booty of the Day 🍑

Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls

We hope you enjoyed todays article on the Top 5 Hottest Twitch Cosplay Girls! These sexy vixens are at the top of their game when it comes to live stream gaming and cosplay. Take a look at some more of their work on TwitchTV, it is honestly pretty cool! We look forward to bringing you more Cosplay Gamer Girls in the near future. When it comes to the sexiest women on the web, look no further than RealGirlsLive.Com for your up-to-the-second news updates. Subscribe to our RSS Feed and Check Out our YouTube Channel for more sexy content! If you feel that we left out a deserving cosplayer (ladies only please) than leave us a comment below! We will get right back to you and try to include any ladies you mention in our next article.

Until next time my friends..


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