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Meet Stella Chuu one of the hottest, sexiest cosplayers on planet earth. Hailing from New York this victorious vixen gained fame for her brilliantly designed cosplay costumes. Traveling to conventions all across the glove to promote geek culture, Stella Chuu has grown her social media influence to new exciting heights. Her DIY (Do-It-Yourself) cosplay costume construction is posted online so you too can cosplay like Stella Chuu. Famous for her amazing body, fun attitude, phenomenal cosplay costumes and quirky personality this cosplay kitten has been featured on Tech Insider, Mashable, Nerdist, Kotaku and many other digital publications. Her most notable cosplay characters is her Master Yi, Ivy Valentine and Devil Homura cosplays. When it comes to sexy up and coming cosplay stars keep a close eye on Stella Chuu, this sexy cosplayer is definitely going places!

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Currently traveling the world this naughty cosplayer is available for guest appearances at conventions, events and virtually any promotional modeling for brands. Famous for her dynamic looks, this vixen has a diverse set of looks she can accomplish and is game to try just about anything. If you want to see her at some upcoming conventions than you definitely want to check her out the Anime Expo, Long Beach Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con just to name a few. Take a look at her photos below. Stella Chuu cosplay has really taken this craft to the next level. Aside from a Jesssica Nigri this girl is set to dominate the cosplay community in the next few years.

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Stella Chuu and her Jaina Proudmoore Cosplay pictured below. Look how cute her face is and how big and delicious her boobs look! It would be fun to “motor boat” Jaina Proudmoore don’t you think? We just wonder what Blizzard Gaming would think. She took the Omen challenge at HP in Brooklyn and judging by the looks of things we say that Stella Chuu probably passed this challenge with flying colors!

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Not entirely sure who the purple pussy eater on the right is but damn does she have some scrumptious looking big tits! Juxtaposed with the cuteness of Stella Chuu in the middle and her sexy blonde SodaPop Girl at the Ninja Division Booth for Gen Con. The super dungeon looks interesting, we just wished that she posted more pics of the event! Below you can see at Gen Con 2016 Stella Chuu cosplay wtih Miss Yeru and Vegas Pg, both girls look sexy and look like they had a great time at the event.


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Good god, look at her booty. The above photo is what made Stella Chuu famous almost overnight. That perfect little ass tucked into the perfect cosplay of Queens Blade at San Diego Comic Con really did the trick in rocketing her to social media and gaming fame. The biggest name in the business, Jessica Nigri even took a photo with this up and coming sweetheart. That is one of the things we love about the Cosplay Community, it’s all about expression and positivity. Her cosplay of Fire Emblem for Nintendo was perfect, just take a look at her Instagram pics below.


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Awe, how adorable is she? We love the costume of Stella Chuu Fire Emblem cosplay above. Excellent work, she really designed her cosplay costume to perfection. Enjoy some of the photos below of this video vixen, Stella Chuu really has taken her career to new heights with her cosplay work. No matter what video game character she cosplays her costumes are always of the highest order. When it comes to live stream, webcams and cosplay RealGirlsLive gives you what you need, up to the minute information and breaking news on the hottest cosplayers on the planet. What are your thoughts on Stella Chuu? Do you think she is all she is cracked up to be or not?


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Zootopia was a blast this year for the amazing Stella Chuu, take a look at some of her best cosplay pics below! When it comes to the best cosplay costumes on the planet this girl is not cosplaying around (pun intended).

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