Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media

Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media


Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media are absolutely everywhere these days! Thanks to modern technology we get to look at the hottest chicks on the planet from the comfort of our phone, tablet, computer, tv and whatever other device I forgot to mention. With that being said, out of all the sexiest slutty halloween costumes on social media there are certainly some that stand out more than others. Below we present the sexiest slutty halloween costumes on social media from all the sexy girls you know and love on the web. We bring you some of the baddest B*tches on the planet like: Cj Miles, Abigail Ratchford, Lindsey Pelas, Sommer Ray, Jen Selter, Jessica Nigri, Rosanna Arkle, Amanda Elise Lee and much more!

Abigail Ratchford

Just take a look at this delightful Angel below.. Is Abigail Ratchford dressed up as an Angel for Halloween or did this bodacious brunette fall from the heavens just like that? So sexy, all delicious looking, scantily clad in a bikini made of skittles while sucking a penis flavored lollipop? Makes you wonder..


How much do you think Abigail Ratchford would charge if you wanted to pay to eat that edible candy bikini right off of her? I’m not saying she has to throw in a happy ending or anything buuut let’s just say we would appreciate the professionalism.


WOW just look at Sleeping Booty over here, so f***ing sexy. I would love to have a threesome with her & Vagis in Wonderland one of these days.


We’re not really sure what Abigail Ratchford is dressed up as below but we are DEFINITELY going to stare at it until we figure this out!


Pretty sure she is dressed up as a Desperate Housewife? Either that or Swedish Ass Model (although in her case she really is the whole f***ing package). All jokes aside what’s good with a lil one-on-one time though Abby? Ya boy will Go Downtown if you know what I mean…


When it comes to the Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media who’s your f***ing daddy? RealGirlsLive that’s who. Just for the hell of it take a look at some cray NUDE PICS of Cj Miles below. Just click the link to see her exclusive pics, gifs and videos. Warning, they are FIRE.



When it comes to the sexiest slutty Halloween costumes on Social Media you knew we had to include the princess of booty Sommer Ray. This little tween has a ginormously perfect natural booty and an amazing personality to go with it. Don’t believe us? Ask her mom! This little kitten has amassed over 10 Million followers on Instagram and just continues to crush social media and life in general. Always a fun stable on her social media accounts is her adorable mama. Obviously we know where young Sommer Ray gets those amazing genetics 🙂

Sommer Ray

sexiest-slutty-halloween-costumes-on-social-media-sommer-ray-3 sexiest-slutty-halloween-costumes-on-social-media-sommer-ray sexiest-slutty-halloween-costumes-on-social-media-sommer-ray-1 sexiest-slutty-halloween-costumes-on-social-media-sommer-ray-2

What do you think thus far on our Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media blog? Drop us a line below and let us know your thoughts. Did we miss out on any super hotties you think we should have included? If so, let us know which ones!


Take a look at the uber sexy Jessica Nigri above (sexy lady cop gif above) and below. This sexy and world famous cosplayer, tv host and generally fun and sexy lady is none other than Jessica Nigri, enjoy.

Jessica Nigri

Haha, we love her “bad kitty” cosplay costume below, makes us want to warm up some milk in a saucer and pop of molly. Well played your naughtyness, well played..


Not entirely sure what costume Jessica Nigri is rocking below but we love the brunette hair and sexy red and gold bikini! If you can guess what character she is dressed up as, drop us a line below.


And now my pretties feast your eyes on the sexy Jessica Nigri, World Famous Cosplay Queen and Wicked Witch of the East.. Unfortunately for most of us, Jessica Nigri lives in what most of you have come to call The Friend Zone but if you work extra hard, maybe, just maybe she might let you use the broom stick on her.. But probably not. #JustSayin

sexiest-slutty-halloween-costumes-on-social-media-jessica-nigri sexiest-slutty-halloween-costumes-on-social-media-jessica-nigri-1

Wow, take a look at Jessica Nigri dressed up as Darth Vagina. She sucks you in with her wicked good looks then cuts your penis off with her red light saber. We can only hope this transformation occurs JUST once per month but we highly recommend doing more research before proceeding any attempts at penetration..


Awe take a look at sexy Jessica Nigri as a naughty little pikachu. Although to win you “have to catch them all” I’m pretty sure 99.99% of society would be just fine catching this sexy little pika-pussy. Cosplay, Foreplay, what’s the difference right?


Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media just keep on coming and coming don’t they! Stay tuned and keep scrolling to see more of your favorite social media socialites and their sexiest slutty halloween costumes.

Rosie Roff

Not really sure what her rank in the military is but just in General we would love to play with her privates.. Ha



Mmm so sexy, check out Rosie Roff dressed up as a perfectly wrapped present. Aww, all she needs now is a bow! #AndSomeDICK

 rosie-roff-perfectly-wrapped-present-1 rosie-roff-perfectly-wrapped-present-2

And as if Angela Jolie wasn’t hot enough as Laura Croft the Tomb Raider (watch the movie if you haven’t yet dammit); Rosie Roff has taken the sexy Laura Croft character to new heights.. And apparently her panties to new lows.. Which frankly for us is a DOUBLE WIN.


I believe I speak for us all when I say we would love to “raid HER tomb” am I right? Haha, right guys, right?


Aww look at Rosie Roff dressed up as a sexy book worm.. What a nerd! Haha extra points for her creative costume, gosh Rosie is both Smart AND Sexy 🙂 #FullPackage


Haha we love that Rosie Roff really took it there. Look at her all dressed up like a Kardashian.. This girl knows no bounds


A classic halloween costume, but timeless none the less, see Rosie Roff as a sexy fallen angel below. We are still researching whether this picture was taken right when she fell from heaven or if it’s a recreation. Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned – We Need Answers!


As we continue down our list of the Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media we have to take a quick stop “down under”. Gotta swing by Australia real quick and check on one of our favorite Aussie Girls Rosanna Arkle. Some may refer to her as the baddest of the bad, but that’s only if this naughty sex kitten doesn’t get her smilk. By far one of our personal favorites, Rosanna Arkle didn’t even dress up for Halloween this year because she was in Thailand! Probably off making a ton of money and enjoying herself.. so lame

Rosanna Arkle


Aaaand Rosanna Arkle below as Tiger Woods EX Wife and/or a sexy yoga instructor.. Right?


This really could take some time. My first guess was bikini model but than I just started masterbating and lost my train of thought.. #ThatF***ingBodyTHO


Look at Rosanna Arkle enjoying Halloween dressed up as an incredibly sexy Australian chick posing for Instagram. Very creative and sexy if I do say so myself.


Below she is clearly dressed up as a Dentist for Halloween. Apparently one that is VERY concerned with teeth whitening.


Quite possibly one of our favorite halloween costumes this year is the gorgeous Rosanna Arkle dressed up as an Hammock on a Tropical Vacation. I mean the curvature of the hammock is world class to say the least. The creativity these baddies display is truly impressive.


Rosanna as a Swim Team Member? Or an Australian Ass Model who is swimming to find clothes?


CJ Miles


Aww Cj Miles dressed up as a sexy nurse who is clearly about to nurse a little baby back to life!

Best Bouncing Boobs GIFs 1977775


SWAT Team Member Cj Miles prepares for penetration. On this mission covert insertion in key. She has been training for many years just for this moment.


Holy F***. We just had to throw in the below picture of Cj Miles just on the off chance you didn’t realize just how f***ing SEXY this little filipina is. Umm next flight, MANILA. Bye guys


Cj Miles all dressed up as a Siamese Twin 😉


Cj Miles dressed up for Halloween as a sexy plumber. Interestingly enough we would love to check out your pipes boo.


Cj Miles as a Topless Jenny from the block. This little sexy filipina girl’s ass could give Jennifer Lopez a run for her money. Word to JLO.


Not too sure what Cj Miles is dressed up as below so in the nature of top tier journalism – We Must Investigate.


Clearly this naughty school girl didn’t learn her lesson butt we will be more than happy to teach her >:)


One of my personal favorites is the gorgeous Cj Miles dressed up as the beautiful topless and whorish Cleopatra. Goddess of Vagina and Korean BBQ. When shall we eat?


Miss Cj Miles is no joke, not a huge fan of the dress but then again – who the f*** sees a dress in this picture anyway? I only speak two words of Cam-Booty-ian and they are “BANG” and “ING” because WOW and Yes, 1,000 times yes.


Sexiest Slutty Halloween Costumes on Social Media



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